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Pictures of the Boys

The Boys Try Aikido for the First Time

RJ & Wil had both wanted to do martial arts for some time.  Tammy signed them up for a beginning Aikido class through the YMCA.  There were not enough students for the beginning class, so they were placed in an intermediate course.  These are pictures from the first time.

We went to the wrong door of the Presbyterian church where classes are being held.  The boys are waiting somewhat impatiently to get in.

Wil, always the ham, poses for a picture.  Notice the swelling in his right ear.  Tam took him by the library the other night to place some books in the return drop.  Unbeknownst to anyone, wasps had built a nest just inside the drop box.  The swelling is from a pretty bad sting.

Pictures from the Class

I know far too little about what was taking place to add any meaningful comment! Copyright © Dr. Justin Imel