Wilson sure loves Daisy!  Surprisingly, the dog loves him, too!

Sierra doesn't look so sure about having her picture taken by her Uncle Justin.

Aaron sure looks to be enjoying that Ale-8.

Wil & Summer have always enjoyed playing together.

Sierra is enjoying a break from all of the playing.

Mom loves to cook when her family comes.  But, I'm not sure if she's setting the table or cleaning up.

Sierra is enjoying a cup cake.

Daisy rest from all the kids by finding a respite in Mom's lap.

Wil is enjoying an ice cream sandwich.

It certainly looks as if he greatly enjoyed that sandwich!

Wil & Summer look like they're in something together, which is certainly not unusual!

Summer looks rather cute in the hat RJ bought on one of his school trips.

Daisy longs to be feed with the scraps that fall from her master's table.

Memorial Day '09

We always try to get together with our families over Memorial Day week-end. This year, we traveled to my parents' home on Friday evening & returned home on Saturday. Here are several pictures from our trip.