RJ Plays Ball

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    RJ loves playing baseball.  Here are some pictures from the 2008 season.

RJ get a grounder.

RJ waits in the dugout to get in the game.
It should also be said that RJ absolutely hates getting his picture
made, hence the face!

RJ gets ready to bat.

RJ is at bat.


RJ with the team.

RJ's team had the privilege of meeting with the players
from the West Virginia Power & were invited to stand with
them on the field during the singing of "The Star-Spangled
Banner."  Here are some pictures from that special
evening.  Here, RJ is making sure that the team mother
has his ticket!

The part had several inflatables set up.  Here, RJ greatly enjoys playing on them.

RJ with the baseball the Power gave him.  He loves
collecting baseballs & even more enjoys getting
autographs from the players.

RJ has gotten an autograph.

Getting ready to have his name called to go out on the field.

Such an innocent look of anticipation.

The Power players are getting ready to go on the field
with a member of RJ's team.

RJ's name has been called & his going into the outfield with
his player.

Arriving in the outfield.

RJ always has a story to tell!
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