The Imel Clan

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Wilson before his first soccer game.

Two of my favorite elves!

What a beautiful woman I married!

Summer looks tired from playing with her cousins all day.

Mom & Dad sure have some fine looking grandkids!

Wilson sure loves his little cousin!

Maw enjoying rocking Lincoln.

The boys love playing in Mom & Dad's garage.

A cute little niece, Sierra.

Zoe wants to be a train engineer when she grows up.

Two boys, one rotten.

RJ is ready to catch a ball.

"Put me in coach!"

Power hitter on deck.

Wilson & Sierra with the mascot for the Lexington Legends.

Wilson is down and ready.

What a good-looking Rudolph!

Something sure has RJ's attention.

Lincoln looks smart in Paw's glasses.

Wilson, I do hope you've been good this year!

Lincoln & his daddy.

Wilson at the animal barn at the KY Horsepark's "Southern Lights."

Summer & Sierra at the animal barn.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Imel's.

Maw & Lincoln at Thanksgiving Dinner.

It's tiring writing sermons!

A family get together.


Daisy, Maw's other "baby."

Even Daisy is ready for Christmas.
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